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We produce estate-grown wines hand-crafted in small lots from our very favorite sections of vineyards: signature reds that are both powerful and balanced, and always an authentic and uncompromising expression of Howell Mountain’s wilder side.

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The best way to experience a truly great wine is through the lens of its terroir--it’s “sense of place”--the dynamic interplay of a wine’s particular locale and its natural and human influences. Understanding a wine’s origins reveals new depths and dimensions to an already sensual and visceral experience. And if the wine is true to its origins, each subsequent bottle will have the ability to transcend space and time and return you to the place where it was born. 

So we invite you to join us here for a visit. Experience the place and the wines in concert with one another--the artistic expression of a truly distinctive and inspired terroir.

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Great wines should evoke a sense of place and an expression of time. 

At Black Sears, that sense of place is a wild, remote mountaintop our family calls Home. And the expression of time is measured both in vintages and in generations, where history and tradition find a modern interpretation. 

We invite you to become a member and to share in the living history of this very special place, chronicled in vintages, bottle by bottle. 

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Family Message

We believe that wine is a gift born of the farmer's ongoing conversation with nature. It is a gift whose only purpose is to encourage joy and foster communion--with one another, with the land, and with the Spirit that surrounds and binds us all. 

These principles are the roots from which our wines are grown. 

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To us, winegrowing is an art, and therefore a sublime creative act. Rather than a science that can be perfected through the inherently destructive acts of dissection, deduction, and analysis. We believe that true beauty—in wine as in life—is irreducible, ephemeral, and profoundly unreasonable.  

Our philosophy is therefore site-driven, non-interventionist, and simple, eschewing the latest fads and technology in favor of decades of experience and trust in the mysterious intelligence of the vines themselves. 

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